Erik van Capelle

Experienced Supply Chain and Logistics Professional

Over 30 years of Logistics/Supply Chain Management experience on a global level. Strong analytical skills , combined with extensive Logistics/Supply Chain Management experience.


What I do

Always open to learn new things!

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Project - Interim - Change - People Management

People management is defined as a set of practices that encompass the end-to-end processes of talent acquisition, talent optimization, and talent retention while providing continued support for the business and guidance for the employees of an organization.


Process Improvements

Process improvement is a methodology within project management, specifically in manufacturing, that helps you take in and evaluate feedback about your processes to ensure continual improvement. Its aim is to always be improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your business strategy, customer or manufacturing processes. Some project management software provides tools to help identify potential issues so you can rectify them.

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With procurement, you get a grip on your cost spending. Procurement are activities aimed at controlling and directing incoming goods or services until those goods are put into production or deployed. That may sound like purchasing, but procurement involves more. Needs planning, inventory management, transportation and maintaining relationships, among other things, also fall under procurement. 

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35 years of expierence

Strong analytical skills , combined with extensive Logistics/Supply Chain Management experience.

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Currently working since march 2022 as
Senior Buying Manager Logistics (a.i.)
proQure BV
Worked for 8 months as
Manager Alliances
Worked for 2 years and 4 months as
Global Strategic Account Manager
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