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I am a very motivated and hands-on professional who has worked over 20 years within one of the world leading logistics service providers. In these years I gained a wealth of experience in many different roles like Project Manager, Commercial Manager and Commercial Solutions Manager. In the majority of these functions Supply Chain Management and Process Improvement actions, as well as implementing them, played a significant role for mainly worldwide operating companies. My knowledge of the transport industry, analytical- and project/process management skills, and especially logistical costs make me a valuable asset within Supply Chain Management/Process Improvement Projects. Since 2010 I am self-employed and have increased my knowledge & experience of the logistics market, have been able to work for/with different 3/4PL’s and Integrators, and large shippers. So therefore I know exactly the strength and weaknesses of the major logistics players around the globe. Next to this I have shown that I can add value as a Process Improvement/Project Manager in all kind of organizations and departments.

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